10 Unusual Leaders of the World Who Break the Political Monotony

Becoming a hero is something almost every child dreams of. Even more common is the fantasy of “If I were President…” But as we get older, we realize that great changes can happen without a superpower and sometimes, it takes more bravery to wear funny hats or to live off of your own land to actually make an impact.

Bright Side gathered 10 extraordinary leaders of the world who managed to break the dullness of political life.

10. Jacinda Ardern

This woman is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. People of this country love her so much that an entire “Jacinda mania” movement began. They love her for many things, including her style, humor, and the intention to legalize marijuana and same-sex marriages. When Jacinda Ardern has a spare moment, she gets behind the DJ console and mixes the tracks. In 2014, she even arranged a DJ set in Oakland at the Laneway festival.

9. Jose Mujica

This is the former president of Uruguay. He a vegetarian ascetic. He lives on a dilapidated farm and donates almost his entire salary to charity. Jose Mujica and his wife grow flowers for sale and they don’t have any hired workers.

8. Jón Gnarr

This extravagant former mayor of Reykjavik is a very versatile personality: Icelandic comedian, writer, musician, and politician. His party consisted of rock musicians and former punks who had nothing in common with politics. As a result, during his 4-year administration, a complete restructuring of the finances was carried out, dozens of kilometers of cycle tracks were constructed and schools were reorganized. Thanks to Gnarr, tourism in Reykjavik has grown by 20%.

7. Anna Ilona Staller

She is also known under the pseudonym Cicciolina. She is an Italian actress and porn star. At the age of 16, she cooperated with the Hungarian Intelligence Service, working as a maid at the Hotel Intercontinental. For 5 years, she was a representative of the Radical Party in the Italian Parliament. In 1991, she founded her own party called “The Party of Love.”

6. Vladimír Franz

Vladimir is a Czech artist and composer. He participated in the presidential elections in the Czech Republic in 2013. And he took third place. The electoral campaign of Franz was designed for young people. His pre-election promise was to legalize marijuana. The body of Franz is 90% covered with tattoos and piercings. His face is covered with chaotic green and red patterns, embossed on a blue background. Among the people, he is called “Fantômas” or “Avatar.”

5. Tiririca

This politician is literally a clown! Some called him illiterate and a jester because he dropped out of school when he was 9 years old. However, more people voted for him than for any other congressman in the elections. People believed him and gave him their votes. Tiririka got his place in the state of São Paulo and he ended up becoming the most disciplined deputy.

4. Stubbs the Cat

All of the residents of the city of Talkeetna, Alaska were fascinated by their mayor. Stubbs perfectly coped with his duties as mayor. What’s his secret? He’s a cat! One of his things was drinking water with catnip out of a wine glass at the nearby restaurant. Stubbs held an honorary position since 1997, when he was found in a box in the parking lot, and until his death in July 2017.

3. Dart Alekseevich Vader

He was a mayoral candidate in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine. In pre-election slogans, Darth Vader was called the “candidate with a human face.” And his assistant, Chewbacca, intended to fight against corruption. He promised to preserve the Ukrainian lands, and most importantly — salo. However, this candidate didn’t achieve any significant results.

2. Carl XVI Gustaf

He is the king of Sweden. He conquered the world with a variety of his headdresses, in which he didn’t hesitate to leave the house and attend social events: a foil cap, hare ears, a fly agaric, eyes of a frog, a NASA astronaut helmet…and a number of headdresses that are very difficult to indicate and give them names. In addition, he is an environmentalist: he drives a hybrid car and tries to exclude meat from his diet.

1. Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is loved all over the world and there are good reasons for it! For example, the courage to wear colorful socks to official events. You can see photos of his collection of socks here. He also embraces pandas, does yoga, and falls down the stairs for fun.

Which leader conquered your heart? Share with us in the comments!

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