20+ Hilariously Adorable Reasons Why The Queen Chose Corgis

Comical, cuddly and capricious, Corgis have continued to rule the internet with their various hijinks. While they might seem ridiculous at times, did you know that Corgis were originally the pets of warriors? Yes that’s right, the first breed of these snuggly dogs were brought over to Cardiganshire, Wales by a warrior tribe of Celts around 1200 BCE. Now, over 3000 years later, Corgis seem less like warriors and more like comedians. Pretending to drive cars, sledding in the snow and dressing in ridiculous outfits, these rotund pups have brought many of us countless moments of internet joy. Beyond the web some Corgi enthusiasts love these animals so much they organized a Southern California annual Corgi meet-up. Here at Bored Panda we like to spread the cheer, so we have put together a list of some of our favorite Corgi moments. Don’t forget to up-vote your favorite photos!

#3 This Might Be The Most Photogenic Corgi Ever

This Might Be The Most Photogenic Corgi Ever


Judith Cozien 15 hours ago

Remember the episode of How I Met Your Mother when Barney always comes out in photos perfectly posed and winking? This dog has the same skill!

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#5 A Man And His Corgi

A Man And His Corgi


Rakshya A Bhujel 14 hours ago

and the corgi looks so happy about the tshirt… ^_^

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#6 Tired Corgi Mama

Tired Corgi Mama


Anne 14 hours ago

9 babies… I’d be tired too! very cute babies though <3 🙂

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#9 Raft Life Vs. Not Raft Life

Raft Life Vs. Not Raft Life

raisuchan Report

the_potato 13 hours ago

when my friends do something vs when i do something

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#10 How My Little Nugget Slept When He Was A Puppy

How My Little Nugget Slept When He Was A Puppy

abeeeeaaann Report

Rakshya A Bhujel 14 hours ago

my boxer slept the same way and had to be on my face.. 😀

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