4-Year-Old Survives Being Shot In Head During Road Rage Accident

A gunshot wound to any part of the body could be deadly, so when a 4-year-old was rushed to a local emergency room after being shot in the head, doctors knew the odds of survival weren’t good.

Earlier this months, Ohio mom Cecilia Hill was driving with her seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old son when she honked her horn at a car blocking the road. After Hill drove around the car, the drivers followed her onto the highway. “She honked her horn and went around the car, then she said the vehicle began following her,” Cleveland Police Detective Jennifer Ciaccia said.

Photo by News 5 Cleveland

Leon Edwards and John Smith followed Hill for several miles before pulling up beside her and shooting a gun at her and her children. “They fired multiple shots—more than 10 at her vehicle—the vehicle was hit multiple times,” Ciaccia said. Hill and her daughter were not hit, but her son, Carter Hill, was shot in the head.

Photo by News 5 Cleveland

EMS rushed Carter to University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet, which luckily did not hit his brain. “My son is doing great,” Hill said. “He’s the strongest kid that you’ll ever meet.” Just days after being shot and undergoing brain surgery, Carter was up playing. “He was incredibly lucky,” Dr. Krystal Tomei, chief pediatric neurosurgeon with the hospital said. “We usually don’t see kids with similar injuries have this kind of outcome.”

Photo by News 5 Cleveland

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[Featured image: News 5 Cleveland]


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