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    21 People Who Lost Weight and Started Living a Whole New Life

    Many people dream of losing weight but only a few find the inner strength to actually do it. Their excuses might be different, like claiming to be big-boned or blaming it on genetics. However, there are people who managed to accomplish their weight-loss goals and it’s almost impossible to recognize them in old photos.

    Bright Side found 21 of these people and we applaud them for their determination. If you want to lose weight, we hope you get inspired by this article and change your life for the better.

    They wanted to change themselves and they did it. He lost 70lb, she lost 56lb.

    Lost 151lb in 2 years. “For each pound that I lose, I capture a Pokémon! I have finally caught the entire First Generation. Now to start on Gen 2!”

    Only 8 months have passed and she said goodbye to 88lb.

    One more couple proved that love is the best motivation: they lost 170lb between them.

    Down 48lb in 8 months. Even just a little weight loss is worth posting.

    It took 6 long years for this woman to get rid of an extra 100lb.

    This man was fighting depression while raising 3 kids alone. But he pulled himself together and lost 84lb in 2 years. He has changed beyond recognition.

    This girl decided to change her life when her extra weight became the reason for many health problems. She lost 100lb in 2 years.

    She lost 100lb and she’s been in a good shape for one year already.

    She combined a healthy diet and fitness 2 years ago. Her result is impressive — 170lb lost.

    Thanks to a healthy diet and rigorous training this man lost 141lb in just 16 months.

    She lost 92lb and now looks like a whole different person.

    The progress is evident — down 91lb in 2 years.

    Eating meals in small portions and regular training is a key to success. She lost 72lb in just 7.5 months.

    He lost 90lb in 13 months. What a great achievement!

    After 15 months of hard work, she lost 150lb.

    It took this man only 7.5 months to lose 161lb thanks to regular workouts and healthy eating 6 times a day.

    She’s the absolute winner of our list: she lost 220lb in just 2 years!

    After Betsy Ayala’s husband cheated on her, she found the motivation to lose over 100lb.

    Pasquale Brocco was once 605lb, but he worked hard and lost 326lb! Now he launched his own weight-loss coaching program.

    “I never thought I would be able to wear a two-piece, let alone be comfortable in my own skin. I can honestly say today that I am.”

    We feel really happy for all of these people who might inspire you with their incredible achievements. What do you think about them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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    10 Important Truths Stephen Hawking Showed Us

    The great scientist Stephen Hawking died on the night of March 14. Hawking, despite his illness, made an enormous contribution to the development of science and managed to explain complex theories to us in a simple language.

    Today Bright Side decided to honor the memory of this incredible person. We’ve collected the most interesting discoveries and rules of life by Hawking that we want to share with you.

    IQ is for fools

    Hawking didn’t know his IQ score and wasn’t even interested in this question. He was sure only losers cared about this score.

    Our entire planet is an aquarium with bulging walls

    Stephen Hawking believed that all of us are fish living in a curved aquarium bowl. We judge the world in a distorted way, because we look at it from the inside, without having the opportunity to study it from the outside.

    In accord with this theory, Hawking continued exploring the Universe, breaking all stereotypes.

    The Universe formed from “nothing” and gravitation

    Hawking claimed there was no mystery in the origin of the Universe. It could easily generate itself out of “nothing.” According to the Big bang theory, first it existed as a tiny, but really hot particle with a huge density, infinite mass, and, consequently, infinite gravitation.

    About 14 billion years ago it exploded and created the space for our Universe.

    It’s worth noting that Hawking conducted many of his studies while not being able to move or talk

    Stephen Hawking suffered from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The disease showed itself when the future great physicist was 18 years old. Doctors told the young man he would live for 2.5 years more, but Hawking managed to live to the age of 76.

    He talked about science easily and simply, as if it were something self-evident. He had dreams that his books were popular among people who were far from science, and sold in kiosks installed in airport waiting areas.

    Illusion is the enemy of knowledge

    According to Hawking, the main enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge. We think we know everything, while the world around us presents us with newer and newer surprises. Several dozen years ago, even science fiction couldn’t imagine the existence of black holes in the Universe, and now their presence is recognized by the scientific community.

    According to Hawking, the research and discovery of something new is much more interesting than how much money you get for it.

    His ultimate place is not on Earth

    When someone asked Hawking which place he would like to visit, his answer was a place that’s definitely not on Earth. According to the scientist, if he had a spare couple of billion of dollars, he would rent a spacecraft and fly away from here.

    Although the physicist never managed to fly into space, he did experience zero gravity. The American company Zero Gravity gave him this opportunity by allowing Hawking to fly on a specially equipped aircraft, which, having gained the altitude, “dives” down, and for 25 seconds this creates a shift to zero gravity.

    The past is just a range of possibilities

    According to Hawking, it doesn’t matter what memories we keep about the past. After all, events in the past don’t happen in a linear way. They happen in all possible ways. And, until an outside observer appears, they simply float in an uncertain state.

    This idea lies in the basis of quantum mechanics, which Albert Einstein categorically didn’t accept.

    “God does not play dice,” Einstein said.

    However, Hawking, citing the black holes as an example, claimed that God does not only play dice; he throws them where they cannot be seen.

    Time is relative

    This is where Hawking was in absolute agreement with Einstein. They both believed that time is a relative thing. And the closer the object is to the Earth, the slower the time flow is for it.

    Hawking advocated that this circumstance should be taken into account when programming GPS systems, which should help avoid errors that, according to the scientist, can accumulate at a speed of 10 km (6 miles) per day in determining global positions.

    Fate is an illusion

    Stephen Hawking didn’t believe that everything in our lives is predetermined and jokingly noticed that even the most pronounced fatalists still look around before crossing the road.

    The physicist considered himself an optimist and, in spite of the fact that he wasn’t sure that humanity would live for at least a thousand more years (there are so many scenarios in which every living creature on a tiny planet can die), believed that by that time the human race flies away from here they will have explored all of space.

    Life is not a place for tragedy

    “Life would be tragic, if it weren’t funny,” Hawking said. Today, when the whole world mourns over the great physicist, for many people these words look like a cure for sadness.

    The reaction of close people to the scientist’s death

    Stephen Hawking had three adult children.His oldest son is interested in software, his younger son and daughter are into foreign languages.

    On the morning of March 14, they contacted the media and said they were deeply distressed by the death of their father. “He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humor inspired people across the world, said Hawking’s children. They have also quoted their father.

    “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.”

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    How to choose a carry-on backpack – plus the 5 best

    Don’t buy another backpack until you’ve read our essential guide to choosing. And if you need inspiration for which models might fit the bill, we’ve brought you those, too.

    When it comes to cabin luggage, some people prefer to carry rather than roll. When buying a new backpack that you want to use as your carry-on, look out for these key features:

    – Choose a backpack that’s 55x35x20cm or smaller so it will fit within the majority of airlines’ carry-on guidelines
    – Well-padded shoulder straps with a sternum strap (the small strap you clasp over your chest) and waist strap will make long walks through the airport much more bearable. The sternum and waist straps help spread the weight through your entire torso, helping relieve some of the stress on your shoulders and neck. Look for models that allow you to tuck these away somewhere when not needed, such as when you’re using it as a daypack.
    Back padding will keep your camera and laptop from jabbing you in the back as you queue up for passport control.
    – If you’re buying online, measure your torso from the top of your back to your lower back to try to get the right fit – and buy from a retailer that allows returns so you can return it if it’s uncomfortable when you try it at home.
    – Ensure there are two zips on every compartment so that if you’re forced to check your bag, then at least you can lock all the zips for security. Plus, when you’re out and about in crowded cities, you can lock the compartments to prevent pickpocketing.
    Large external pockets will make your trip through airport security easier. Just shove your bag of liquids, tablet, keys and phone in one of those.
    Water resistance is vital. At some point, you’ll be caught in a downpour, and you don’t want everything inside soaked. Look for thick, durable material, such as extra-strong nylon, and seams sewn with thick threads.
    – The wheels dilemma – some backpacks come with wheels and handle, which makes carrying your bag a lot easier on smooth ground, such as in airports. However, these add weight, and although the wheels are typically covered when not in use, they can poke into your back. So think carefully before buying one of these.
    Handles on the top or side will make it a lot easier to heft your bag into the overhead compartment.

    Riutbag backpack opened to see inside

    Best for security features

    RiutBag R15.3
    Dimensions 55x35x20cm
    Weight 1.23kg
    Volume 15 litres
    Costs around £199

    Why we love it
    Most backpacks have their zips on the outer side, but on the RiutBag, all zips are securely and comfortably designed against your back for your security – plus there’s a water-bottle holder tucked within its profile, a 37x25x3cm laptop compartment and a handy pocket for stowing your passport. And while the exterior is a black, waterproof Cordura fabric, the internal lining is a dazzling yellow, making it easier to find your stuff.

    Need to know
    Crowdfunded on Kickstarter by more than 2,500 backers, the RiutBag was created by Sarah Giblin after gathering feedback from real city travellers. She meticulously checks every backpack – zip by zip – by hand.

    Gate 8 luggage

    Best for optional wheeling

    Gate8 Cabin Mate Hand Luggage Lite
    Dimensions 55x35x20cm
    Weight 2.8kg
    Volume 33 litres
    Costs around £159

    Why we love it
    It’s actually two bags in one: a main backpack, complete with inline wheels, and a lightweight aluminium extension handle, plus a detachable rucksack for your 16-inch laptop that can be swiftly zipped off to keep by your side on the flight. Gate8 have thought of everything, from the water- and stain-resistant ballistic nylon exterior to the accessory pockets on the sides and the nifty garment-hanging bar. There’s even a transparent, detachable wash bag that can be used for passing through security.

    Need to know
    This version was specifically designed to fit the carry-on allowances of 99% of airlines, including FlyBe, and has a five-year warranty.

    Eastpack Hutson backpack

    Best for style

    Eastpak Hutson
    Dimensions 52x31x16.5cm
    Weight 0.9kg
    Volume 27 litres
    Costs around £85

    Why we love it
    The Hutson has a lot going for it: the 30-year warranty is a rare treat, for a start. What’s more, the Ash Blend2 finish (a stylish, soft grey) will set it apart in a sea of black backpacks and won’t look out of place when striding around a city at your destination. The two front pockets will prove very useful for your passport, chargers and other smaller travel essentials, plus there’s also an internal organiser and a padded, 51x30cm laptop sleeve with side access.

    Need to know
    Not only does this look good, it’s also comfortable to carry – it’s ergonomically designed to lighten your load with a quilted back panel and padded straps.

    North Face Flyweight backpack

    Best for folding away

    The North Face Flyweight
    Dimensions 40x26x17cm
    Weight 0.17kg
    Volume 17 litres
    Costs around £40

    Why we love it
    The North Face’s popular Flyweight collection is now 30 per cent lighter than before, weighing in at just 170g – less than an iPhone X. It’s ideal for those taking a quick trip and wanting to avoid eating into your weight allowance. Folding up into a small pouch at the front, it can also be easily stored away when not in use.

    Need to know
    As this one is both foldable and fabulously light, it has room for just the essentials: breathable mesh shoulder and back panels, a front pocket and water-bottle holders on the sides.

    Woman modelling the Bergen backpack

    Best budget buy

    Cabin Max Bergen
    Dimensions 50x35x20cm
    Weight 0.8kg
    Volume 38.5 litres
    Costs around** £30

    Why we love it
    The sturdy Bergen may not be the most beautiful backpack on our list, but at an economical £30 you won’t care a jot. Functioning as both a shoulder bag and a backpack (you can pack away the straps), it’s lightly padded to protect your belongings but still impressively light, as it’s constructed from showerproof 600D PU material.

    Need to know
    There are no bells and whistles here, but a 38.5-litre capacity is not to be sniffed at. A front zipped pocket ensures your essentials are easy to reach, the suitcase-style wide opens to an interior with convenient packing straps, and there’s an internal pocket for smaller items.

    Have your perfect bag, but can’t decide on your dream trip?
    Click here to find flights using the ‘Everywhere’ search to find out where the cheapest flights are all over the globe

    Published March 2018. Prices correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability.

    If you’re not sure if you want a backpack or wheeled bag, then check out our guide to five carry-on bags that will fit on any airline.

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    Six sizzling city breaks where spring feels like summer

    Don’t just sit there, waiting for spring. Fly to one of these sun-drenched Mediterranean cities, and you’ll get an instant preview of the the warmth to come – along with fascinating culture, vibrant markets and irresistible food and drink.

    Marseille, France

    Average daytime high in May: 23°C
    Marseille is the Mediterranean’s melting pot, an intoxicating mix of Provence and North Africa that gives France’s second city a rich, spicy flavour. The best place to warm your northern bones is along the quayside of the lively Vieux Port, where sun-drenched restaurant terraces beckon with glasses of rosé and steaming bowls of bouillabaisse. Then it’s time to lose yourself in the heady Arabian and African scents of the Noailles market. Bags of cumin and cinnamon, mountains of fresh coriander, brilliantly-coloured fabrics: it’s a sensory overload. Snack your way from stall to stall, before retreating to the calm of MuCem – Marseille’s sharp, modernist museum of Mediterranean civilisation.
    Where to stay: From its lofty position in Le Panier, the InterContinental Hotel Dieu has fabulous views of the port from its restaurant, bar and many of its luxurious rooms.

    Find flights to Marseille from £30 return

    Naples by night
    Average daytime high in May: 24°C
    An exhilarating blend of sheer chaos and the world’s best pizza, Naples managed to get its entire historic centre designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1995. It thoroughly deserves the accolade. At the very least, you need to check out the Palazzo Reale, and the world-class collections at the National Archaeological Museum – as well as day-tripping to Pompeii or Herculaneum. But you should schedule some serious passeggiatta time as well. So head down to seafront districts of Chiaia and Lungomare as the sun loses its strength, and fall into step with the locals. Your most fashionable pair of sunglasses, and an ice cream from Fantasia Gelati are essential accessories.
    Where to stay: For mesmerising views over the Bay of Naples, it’s hard to beat the Hotel Paradiso on Posillipo Hill.

    Find flights to Naples from £52 return

    Average daytime high in May: 23°C
    Romans, Moors, Greeks, Normans and Spaniards – just about every Mediterranean civilisation has left its mark on Palermo, and the result is one of the region’s most exciting cultural mixes. You can taste it in the Arab-influenced food, such as cassata (a sponge-cake dessert filled with ricotta cheese), and see it in the glittering interior of the Palatine chapel, decorated in the 12th century by teams of craftsmen from Christian Byzantium and Muslim Cairo. If you can, catch a performance at Teatro Massimo, Italy’s largest opera house, and jump on a bus up to the coast at Mondello as soon as the sun comes out. Tucked into the headland is the curve of a soft sandy beach – perfect for strolls in the surf with a gelato in hand.
    Where to stay: In a prime spot by the marina, boutique Hotel Porta Felice has chic rooms around an atrium, topped by a relaxing rooftop bar.

    Find flights to Palermo from £70 return

    The Acropolis, Athens
    Average daytime high in May: 25°C
    Summer’s too hot for sightseeing in Athens. Spring is a much better time to pay your respects to the Acropolis, and thanks to the wide pedestrianised streets that surround it, it’s one of the loveliest archaeological parks in Europe. Devote as much time to the Agora (the ancient city’s commercial, political and administrative centre) as the Parthenon itself, and don’t forget the Acropolis Museum (buy an e-ticket in advance so you don’t have to queue). Once you’re done, it’s only a short walk to the busy terraces, courtyard cafés and chic rooftop bars in Monastiraki and Syntagma.
    Where to stay: The Herodion Hotel is in an unbeatable location at the foot of the Acropolis, and that means sublime views from this smart boutique hotel’s rooftop terrace.

    Find flights to Athens from £69 return

    Palma de Mallorca
    Average daytime high in May: 24°C
    Maybe it’s the dazzling Mediterranean light; or perhaps the maze of medieval lanes that slows your pace to an amble: but whatever the reason, Palma de Mallorca instantly puts you in a mellow mood. For visual splendour, direct your stroll towards the 16th-century fortress housing the Es Baluard art museum – where the views from the restaurant terrace are as ravishing as the Picassos and Mirós hanging on the walls. Then, as night falls, it’s time for tapas: popping into the likes of Bar España, La 5a Puñeta, and the Wine Industry vinoteca.
    Where to stay: Sleek, all-white HM Balanguera has cool, contemporary rooms north of the old town, where you can chill out in the rooftop pool.

    Find flights to Palma de Mallorca from £63 return

    Nice, France
    Average daytime high in May: 20°C
    The Queen of the Riviera is a lot more down-to-earth than its glittering neighbours, with its long, curving Promenade des Anglais attracting a cheerful mix of joggers, in-line skaters and well-dressed Niçoises with their lap-dogs. In the spring, Nice’s beach bars are already open for business, while nearby the food market in Cours Saleya will make you wish you could live permanently on a Mediterranean diet of juicy olives, deep red tomatoes, ripe figs and salty anchovies. Get lost in the labyrinth of lanes in Vieux Nice before heading up to Castle Hill for some of the best views in the city.
    Where to stay: Recently renovated, the tall and slender Hotel Le Meurice sits just behind the seafront and is friendly, inexpensive and handy for just about everything.

    Find flights to Nice from £34 return

    Published March 2018. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

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    My Favourite Photos With Bobo And Nikita Cats Which I Took In Last Two Years

    My name is Krzysztof Smejlis. I am a semi-pro photographer from Poland and owner of Bobo and Nikita channel on YouTube.

    Show Full Text

    I want to show you some of the funny pictures with Bobo and Nikita. You will see funny reactions, tongues, eyes and moves of these two lovely cats and few videos.

    These photos I took in 2017 and 2018. Bobo (bigger one) is an alpha cat and he was born in 2010. Nikita is a crazy (in a positive way) and feisty one. She was rescued and adopted when she was 4-5 weeks old (she was born in 2012).

    More info: youtube.com

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