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    Norwegian Student Used Unorthodox Method To Capture Life In the 1890s

    Carl Størmer Story

    Since its invention, humanity has been obsessed with the notion of photography. Taking a photograph is being able to take a moment in life, whether planned or unplanned, and capture it, essentially, for all time.

    These days, photography is as commonplace in our lives as the internet. Both are accessible at all times by virtue of the miraculous little devices in our pockets. Carl Størmer of Oslo, Norway didn’t have a smartphone, but he did have a love of photography and a desire to take pictures of the world around him in the most natural way possible…

    Featured Photo Credit: Wikipedia & www.nadjabuttendorf.com

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    20 Celebrities Involved In The Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Craze

    Celebrities in Bitcoin

    At this point, you’ve likely heard about Bitcoin, a type of digital money that’s gained fame over the last year through it’s wild swings up and down in value. Because the currency is not physical, is not tied to any government, and doesn’t need a bank to store it in. It’s also gained fame for its potential for criminal activity.

    Explaining the merits and flaws of Bitcoin or how it works would take a little too long and frankly, we don’t fully understand it. Instead, we’re going to give you a list of some of the celebrities who’ve gotten the “Bitcoin Bug”…

    Featured Photo Credit: www.vegasscenemagazine.com

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    Police Officer Breaks Protocol After Doctors Ignore ‘Paranoid’ Parents For Months

    Sloan St. James Story

    Doctors dedicate their lives to caring for and healing the sick, and even take an oath to do no harm. So when they come to a diagnosis, there’s no reason to doubt it’s the truth.

    Yet when one Massachusetts couple gave birth to a ‘healthy’ baby girl, their instincts told them something was seriously wrong. Doctors brushed off their concerns, but months later, they finally realized the paranoid parents had been right all along… 


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    Sizzling city-break bargains to beat the winter blues

    Need a pick-me-up – without feeling like you’ve suffered a shake-down? We’ve tracked down city-break bargains and budget accommodation to beat the winter blues for all types of urban escapes, from exotic to easy-going

    Looking through Fez's Blue Gate at night

    Best for adventurers: Fez, Morocco

    Now that Marrakech has gone Gucci, Fez is the most exotic mini-break on the map, with emerald green minarets and the call to prayer at dusk, craftsmen and donkeys in alleys, and temperatures in the just-right low-20s late winter. All the action takes place in one of the world’s largest medieval medinas, Fes El Bali – a car-free labyrinth of living history built of souks.

    Pick up butter-soft slippers, hand-woven carpets, traditional lamps and spice, then hang out in street cafes serving mint tea and tagines, before perusing sights, like the still-working medieval Chouara tannery. First time in Fez? Ask your hotel to arrange a guide for a day – this is one of the most labyrinthine medinas on earth, where even frequent visitors get lost. As you twist and turn through ancient arms’-width alleys, you’ll forget your back-home blues and get swept up in this city’s gleeful otherworldliness.

    Flight From £40 return

    Hotel A garden courtyard and richly tiled interiors – Riad Louna is pure Moroccan romance, with doubles from £22.

    Small fishing boats in the harbour at Valletta, Malta

    Best for culture-lovers: Valletta, Malta

    Valletta shines as a European Capital of Culture this year. The surprise is that it has taken such a monumental event for everyone else to notice this beautiful city. This citadel on the sea is crammed with set-pieces, such as the Baroque St John’s Co-Cathedral – plain outside, a riot of gold and marble within – plus cutting-edge new constructions by the architect of London’s Shard, Renzo Piano. A new National Art Gallery is opening soon. All very nice, yet you come as much to star in your own historical movie. Every corner holds a new discovery in this Unesco World Heritage destination that crams a metropolis’s sights into a town barely 1km long.

    Flight from £40 return

    Hotel Historic character and plush luxe feature in harbourside Osborne Hotel, with doubles from £80.

    Love notes on a wall in Verona, Italy

    Best for incurable romantics: Verona, Italy

    Yes, it’s the city of Romeo and Juliet. But the kitsch “Juliet’s house” is fake news compared to the true story of this Italian beauty. Verona is better understood as a romantic stage-set of a city. There are more Roman ruins here than anywhere else except Rome – the 2,000-seater amphitheatre is the big sight in every sense. There’s also all the swagger and style of a Unesco-listed, Renaissance city that’s doing rather nicely, grazie. The catch? It’s chilly in early months. Leave this one until late March.

    Flight From £39 return

    Hotel Location, location – Hotel Europa (no relation to the Brno Europa) puts you smack in the city centre, with doubles from £71.

    Black and white wavy tiles on a square in Lisbon, Portugal

    Best for hipsters: Lisbon, Portugal

    Welcome to Europe’s hottest city – not the mild winter temperatures, but the creative heat currently searing through the Portuguese capital. An energetic international crowd hops between bars and restaurants in the old red-light district, Cais do Sodre. Intendente neighbourhood has regenerated with one-off boutiques, while local trendsetters have reclaimed warehouses for artisan outlets in the Marvila region. Small wonder Madonna recently bought herself a Lisbon pad. Framing it all is traditional Portuguese soul: tiled palaces, Art Nouveau wine bars, the historic #28 tram (pictured above) pootling up streets spanned by washing lines – all yours for low prices on a midweek February break.

    Flight From £140 return

    Hotel Super-central My Story Hotel Ouro offers boutique style on a budget, with doubles from £72.

    Szechenyi Baths

    Best for spa-goers: Budapest, Hungary

    Brave the bitter winters of this bohemian Baroque beauty for its abundance of natural thermal baths. Most have been here for centuries, and so you get the bath-house spa experience but at prices low prices enough warm the heart – nearly all are less than £20 for a day pass, with optional ‘hammam’ mud scrubs typically just a few pounds on top. Bear in mind these are traditional bathhouses, though, not five-star hotel spas, so they’re typically busy with the chattering classes – which makes them all the more fun.

    Three of the most popular spas to tick off: beautiful but perennially-busy Szechenyi Baths, its outdoor Belle Epoque lido atmospherically wreathed in mist in winter; Gellert’s glorious Art Deco pools, the most luxurious choice; and 16th-century Rudas Baths, the most authentic option, where you steam with the locals in a series of Ottoman-era baths and steam rooms – being scrubbed down afterwards by a burly bloke in the hammam is an experience not to be missed (unless you’re averse to ‘therapeutic’ pain). All baths are hot and steamy, and offer massages at a quarter of what you’d pay in the UK – the ideal winter pick-me-up.

    Flight From £56 return

    Hotel The three-star City Hotel Matyas has five-star river views and a conveniently central location, with doubles from £32.

    View of rooftops and a church in Brno, Czech Republic

    Best for hedonists: Brno, Czech Republic

    Is it wrong in a relaxed city of medieval courtyards and friendly locals to focus on price? Perhaps but, blimey, Brno is cheap. Beer – the speciality of the Czech Republic’s second city – comes in under £1 a glass, even in a brilliant bar like Super Panda Circus. And a filling, winter-warmer bowl of goulash won’t set you back more than £2.50. But what really makes Brno sizzle in winter is the nightlife, fuelled by a population where one in every four inhabitants is a student. The best bit? There’s not a lairy British stag do or hen party in sight.

    Flight from £56 return

    Hotel Classic-modern décor is pepped up with modern art in three-star Hotel Europa, from £41.

    Beach in Malaga, Spain

    Best for sun-seekers: Malaga, Spain

    The important number first. Malaga’s daytime temperatures in February average 18˚C. T-shirt weather, basically – they don’t call this the Costa del Sol for nothing. And you’ll find the beaches and promenades free off glitzy summertime crowds at this time of year. However, there’s more to this Andalucian city than sun, sea and sand. Its Moorish heritage is self-evident in the Hammam Al Andalus and gardens of the Alcazaba palace. Its cultural role is visible in the small but perfectly formed Picasso Museum (Pablo was born here), the first Pomipdou Centre outside Paris and in a revamped Museum of Fine Arts.

    Flight From £44 return

    Hotel No scruffy dorms at that Alcazaba Premium Hostel. This has a fab rooftop bar and Scandi-chic ensuite doubles from £57.

    Published January 2018. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of writing and are subject to change and/or availability.

    Looking for more citybreak ideas? Check out these alternative urban escapes

    If you fancy a snowy getaway, from cities to slopes, here’s a guide to romantic destinations covered in the white stuff all winter

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    I Made A Winter Series With My Two Cats

    Last December something unexpected happened… it snowed! I (Felicity Berkleef) live in The Netherlands. People that live in The Netherlands, know that snow is very very rare. Especially because we also didn’t have snow in December for a couple of years. So when it did snow, I immediately took advantage of it and started photographing my favorite muses in it: My two cats Nero and Tommie.

    Show Full Text

    Of course this was only for two days and we sadly didn’t got a White Christmas. I did manage to take some photos with them with our snow globe.

    Below are the results.

    You can find more of my photos on my Instagram (felicefelines), which is in the link below.

    More info: Instagram

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    We Saved A Mountain Goat That Was Stuck Hanging In The Air By Its Horns

    We found this goat while hiking in the Pedriza section on the Sierra de Guadarrama near Madrid. He was hanging by the horns fully suspended between two boulders. He had obviously been stuck for a few hours in this very uncomfortable position.

    Show Full Text

    After creating a harness made of our jackets, we were able to pull it out and let it go on its way.

    After freeing our new friend it took him a few minutes to recover from the shock but he ended up going on his way!

    More info: Facebook

    This mountain goat somehow got stuck in this unfortunate position

    Hanging by his horns between two rocks

    We managed to free the unlucky goat that seemed in a bit of a shock after

    He’s all good now, back to being a free mountain goat!

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    22 Grandparents Who Make Sure That Life With Them Is Never Boring

    We were told from a young age to respect the elderly and to take care of our Grandparents. But these grandmas and grandpas are ready to show you that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

    Bright Side would like to introduce you to 22 grandparents who prove that age is just a number and “cool” is just part of their personalities.

    1. My Grandma scolded the pelican after he bit her:

    2. I found this hidden behind some jars in my 86 y.o. widowed grandma’s kitchen. I guess we all have our little secrets!

    3. My best friend’s Grandma (83 y.o.) created a Facebook profile today. This is her profile picture:

    4. I came home from work to discover my Grandma had patched up my distressed jeans — I can’t stop laughing!

    5. I left my pajamas at home and my Grandma said she had something I could wear. Then she came back with this:

    6. So I visited my Grandparents yesterday…

    7. Grandma. Level: 50.

    8. My Grandpa found my Batman glasses and sent me this picture:

    9. My Grandpa used to brag about his friend’s legendary pool parties in his backyard. I just found an old photo revealing that this was the pool:

    10. I ordered a Wonder Woman costume online. When it arrived, it was too big for me and my Grandma said she wanted to try it on. This is the fabulous result:

    11. My Italian Grandma came to town. This is her suitcase:

    12. My Grandpa does NOT want to be in this painting class:

    13. My husband’s Grandma. The resemblance is uncanny:

    14. My friend’s Grandma commented on her status:

    15. My Grandparents were waiting for each other at the mall:

    16. Found on my Grandma’s camera after a New Year’s cruise:

    17. My Grandma put a magazine cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband’s face. Her version of Photoshop:

    18. ATM Security. Level: Grandma.

    19. My cousin had a costume wedding and my Grandma went as Princess Leia:

    20. It looks like my Grandpa is enjoying the retirement home:

    21. When your Grandpa is way cooler than you’ll ever be:

    22. My Grandma named her 20 y.o. cactus Dolly Parton:

    Which one was your favorite? Maybe you’d like to share a story about your cool Grandparents? We’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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    27 People Who Certainly Don’t Lack Ingenuity

    There are 3 types of people in the world: those who follow the rules, those who break them, and those who adjust the rules to suit themselves. One needs to have a really unusual mindset to find something that no one has ever noticed in everyday things.

    Bright Side admires these representatives of the human race and invites you to look at the manifestations of their incredible creativity in action.

    This group of friends created their own “island” in neutral waters to circumvent New Zealand’s law prohibiting alcohol on holidays.

    This inventive driver teaches philosophy.

    This is a great solution for those who value their time and comfort.

    When the mailman could not find the mailbox but had a very responsible attitude to his work:

    I wonder what they use instead of a vacuum cleaner…

    What are you all looking at? It’s still a door after all!

    Maternal wit in action

    Scary? Yes! Dangerous? Also yes! But it gets the job done!

    Do what you need to do to take the cat where it needs to go.

    Flower sellers can also be very creative.

    Just don’t make any sudden movements!

    If there is no aroma lamp at hand, but you need one really badly…there is a way out!

    An original way to warm up both your coffee and your bagel!

    Students can also be superbly creative.

    Incredibly inventive marketing

    When the driver is a born parker:

    When you have a sudden strike of inspiration but there is no proper equipment at hand:

    I wonder what Mrs. Claus looks like…

    The perfect solution for the owners of freedom-loving cats!

    The ideal substitute for a pizza cutter! How did they come up with this?!

    These guys know how to get settled with maximum comfort.

    Just as good as at a reception!

    So here it is, the “great-great-grandfather” of clean transport.

    Learning to repair houses properly…

    Thanks for the idea. It’s too bad the hero’s magic can’t restore the screen.

    When there is no time to stop at the workshop but you can draw quite well:

    This girl is returning her Christmas tree to the store right after the New Year’s celebration.

    Tell us about the cool cases of ingenuity you have come across!

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    Why you should never stifle a sneeze

    Recent news that a man ruptured his throat from holding in a sneeze is a good reminder to free the sneeze.

    It sounds way more urban myth than BBC news story; more grim tale from grandma than BMJ Case Reports, but sure enough, a 34-year-old man in Leicester, England, held in a sneeze and blew out his throat.

    While rare, doctors warn that clamping one’s nose and mouth shut to stifle a sneeze can do serious damage. And given the prodigious velocity with which a sneeze can travel, it actually makes sense, though we’d probably like to think that our throat would be strong enough to contain such things.

    BBC reports on the story, noting that the man felt a “popping” sensation in his neck when it happened, which was immediately followed by pain and trouble swallowing and talking.

    “When the doctors checked him over they found he had swelling and tenderness around his throat and neck,” writes BBC. “An X-ray revealed air escaping from his windpipe into the soft tissue of his neck through the rupture. The man had to be fed by a tube for the next seven days to allow time for the tissues to heal.”

    While the man made a full recovery – after spending a week in the hospital – it sounds like a somewhat ghastly injury, and one that is easily preventable. Just let that sneeze out. Constrained sneezes can also damage ears or “even rupture a brain aneurysm,” says the BBC.

    sneezeProvincial Archives of Alberta/Public Domain

    So free the sneeze, just remember proper sneeze etiquette. The CDC notes that “Serious respiratory illnesses like influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), whooping cough, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) are spread by coughing or sneezing.” To help stop the spread of germs, they recommend covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze; if you don’t have a tissue, sneeze into your upper sleeve, not your hands.

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    Another reason to love Passive House: it’s really quiet

    When Passive House started in the 90s, it was all about energy, and that is what the basic standard regulates. But saving energy is a hard sell these days when fossil fuels are so cheap, so Passive House people are pivoting to other virtues of Passive House design that are byproducts of super-insulated walls and high quality windows: Comfort, that comes from having a wall surface and window that is close to room temperature, and Resilience or security, because Passive House designs stay warm when the heat goes out.

    dining and living© Jane Sanders/ Living and dining

    But there is another feature that comes with thick insulated walls and triple-glazed windows: Quiet. It really cuts down the noise inside. A few years ago I was in Jane Sanders’ Passive House renovation of a Brooklyn townhouse and noted in my post on it:

    For someone living in New York City, perhaps the biggest benefit of building to Passive House standards is that it is incredibly quiet inside. Bergen is a busy street, with buses and trucks going by at all hours. However the high quality triple glazed windows plus the thick blanket of insulation really cut the noise; You could see buses go by and really could not hear a thing.

    But how much quieter is it? Zack Semke of nk Architects looked at the question and writes:

    We asked the acoustic engineers at SSA Acoustics to evaluate just how significant the noise reduction in Passive House buildings is. They studied the design of a 12’ by 9’ section of exterior wall from a typical multifamily unit, comparing two versions of the wall: one using conventional construction and double-paned windows, the other employing Passive House thickness, insulation, airtightness, and triple-paned glazing.

    noise reduction© nk Architects

    Thanks mainly to the greater thickness of both wall and windows, the Passive House wall reduced exterior noise penetration by roughly 10 decibels. And that’s before making materials selections that could further reduce sound penetration, like insulating with mineral wool, a naturally soundproof product. The exact reduction will vary depending on site conditions and design choices.

    decibel scaleDecibel Scale/via

    The decibel scale is logarithmic, with every ten dB meaning a doubling of noise and vice versa, so a reduction of ten dB means it is reducing the noise level by 50 percent. That is a serious turning down of the volume.

    It’s one of the reasons that I have become so fond of the Passive House concept; you come for the energy and carbon but stay for the comfort, security and quiet.

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