Become a Skyscanner Ambassador

So you want to be a Skyscanner Ambassador? Great – we’d love to have you on board. Here’s everything you need to know:

You’ve got my attention. What’s this program all about?

We’ve seen a lot of people over the years talk about what we do and how they can save money by using Skyscanner and we want to help out where we can. The program gets you access to assets, articles, tips & tricks that you might not know about, a Facebook Group full of wonderful humans as well as being able to talk to people (we’ll do our best to answer any questions you throw at us) from the company, too.

Do I need to have four hundred billion followers to be considered for the program?

Nah. That’s not important to us. We just want passionate digital content creators who are really dedicated to talking to their own personal communities and helping them to travel the world.

All we ask is that you have either a blog, YouTube channel or an Instagram account.

Is this open worldwide?

Not yet. We’re still playing around with this a little bit (testing things here, there and everywhere) and we don’t want to role it out globally until we nail the basics. Right now it’s open to people in these countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Sounds interesting. What do I get out of it?

Our eternal admiration and respect. Plus cash.
We know you need money to explore the world so we have a points based system that can be cashed out into either cold, hard money or onto an Amazon gift card if it’s available in your country. Totally up to you.

The benefits system is also tiered so you’ll start on Silver and (hopefully!) work your way up to Platinum. Other tiers open up opportunities for extra income as well as face to face workshops.

The tiers will always be evolving so keep an eye on those.

Yeah I want to get involved with this! How do I do that?

Just fill in this little form (👉 and that’s it!

Jen Rankine // @CensoredPixel

Slightly obsessed with anything Internet related, you’ll often find Jen in every nook and cranny she can possibly wiggle her way into.
If she’s not on social media, you’ll often find her trying to frame a nice shot of something that looks slightly strange, cross-stitching, failing miserably at a game or trying to find the best burger available.

Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.

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