Big doors & windows make this all-season teardrop trailer feel open

Small, lightweight and nimble, teardrop trailers are a smart compromise between the camping comfort of larger recreational vehicles, and travelling as lightly as possible.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, the Droplet is a streamlined teardop trailer that only weighs 950 pounds. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the Droplet features a minimalist interior with large side doors and a generous window and a skylight to maximize views.

Droplet© Droplet
Droplet© Droplet

Created by Diane and Pascal, an interior designer and an engineer, the Droplet’s genesis came from the pair’s desire to forego the hassle of loading gear from their basement to their car. They decided to purchase a teardrop trailer, but couldn’t find one that fit their needs and was also comfortable and well-built enough, so they built one themselves. After testing out the fully engineered and detailed prototype last summer via a renting scheme, they are now planning to launch a production model through a crowdfunding campaign that will take off March of this year.

Droplet© Droplet

It’s a insulated teardrop, using closed cell, aluminum-laminated foam (R value is 2.81), making it an all-season trailer. The Droplet’s interior encapsulates a queen-sized mattress, as well as storage cabinets and shelves. There are convenient pockets in the doors for quick access to frequently used objects, and the interior is lit with two touch-activated LED lights. The three big tinted windows allows for lots of natural light to come in, or for stargazing at night.

Droplet© Droplet
Droplet© Droplet
Droplet© Droplet
Droplet© Droplet

The galley kitchen at the back is small but functional: it has a 12-volt drawer refrigerator, a sink that uses a hand pump, a small propane stove and a large drawer to store kitchen stuff. The stove, refrigerator, water tank and battery pack can be all taken out of the trailer, giving users an option to use them separately from the trailer if needed.

Droplet© Droplet
Droplet© Droplet

Balancing an abundance of space, light and a decent number of features with a price tag of CAD $17,950 (or USD $14,000), the Droplet can also be rented if you’re curious to try it out. For more information, visit Droplet.

[Via: New Atlas]

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