Biker Miraculously Survives 250-Foot Fall Off Cliff

No matter how much experience you have on a motorcycle, they are incredibly dangerous machines to drive. Recently, one California man learned that lesson the hard way after an afternoon ride nearly ended his life.

While riding his motorcycle through the Santa Monica mountains in Calabasas, California, 27-year-old Matthew Murray lost control while going just over 40 miles per hour and drove straight off a 250-foot cliff. “It processed immediately in my head that, you’re going to die,” Murray said.

Photo by CBS

“I was only doing, like, 40 miles per hour and I went to lean into this turn and this bike would not let lean,” Murray said about the fall, which was all captured on his GoPro that was mounted on his bike. Miraculously, Murray survived the fall and started calling out for help.

Photo by CBS

However, because no one would ever find him in the remote ravine and he couldn’t reach his bike to get his cell phone, Murray had to climb back up the hill with broken bones. “I really had no choice but to climb,” said Murray, who flagged someone down once he made it to the top and called 911.

Photo by CBS

“They just said people have to fight or flight, or whatever it is, and I just decided to fight. Honestly, my legs were done so I just kind of crawled up, and once I made it to the top I just collapsed,” Murray said. “There’s your bike and that’s where you landed, 250 feet down there,” a first responder said. “The last guy I saw come out of here was in a basket and got a helicopter ride.”

Watch the entire video below to see the miraculous moment this man survived driving off a 250-foot cliff.

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[Featured image: CBS]


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