Bride Goes Into Labor The Morning Of Her Wedding Day

When one Michigan bride woke up on the morning of her wedding day, she didn’t have cold feet, but she did have another issue that couldn’t be ignored.

When Jael Reinhold woke up at 7 a.m. on her wedding day, which was planned to take place a month and a half before her due date, she realized she wouldn’t be making it down the aisle as they had planned since she was in labor. “My initial reaction was, ‘Oh my gosh! What are we going to do? Everyone’s still coming,’” Jael said. “We just needed to come up with a new game plan.”

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Jael and her fianceé, John Pulcipher, had hoped to be married before their daughter arrived, but it seems their baby didn’t want to miss the big day. The couple headed straight to the hospital, and within a few hours, their daughter was born. As Jael and baby Briar rested, John got to work planning a new wedding at the hospital.

Photo by Inside Edition

“I told the guests that were arriving, ‘Wedding’s off, but we have a new surprise for you, so stay tuned,”’ John said. “We had a pastor already lined up and it was actually one of our friends’ parents,” John said. “We had approached him shortly after we found out we were expecting and he was thrilled to help bless our baby into this world and our marriage. Coincidentally enough, he’s also the hospital Chaplin.”

Photo by Inside Edition

Five hours later, about 70 guests arrived at the hospital to see Jael and John tie the knot with their newborn. “That day, I was so hyper-focused on trying to get her through labor and helping her out. The whole day was a little bit surreal,” John said. “It was really neat to have it all at once. It was a blessing.”


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