Cat Trapped Under Train Tracks Is Rescued By Subway Worker

A cat in Brooklyn was saved by a subway employee after being caught under the train tracks at Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn on Monday. 

Workers were forced to rescue a daredevil cat that somehow made its way onto the tracks at the Rockaway Avenue station in Bed-Stuy. When subway riders learned of the reason for their morning commute delay, most were furious.

Credit: Twitter- Pierre Gervois

The feline rescue operation, which took place a little after 7:30 am on Monday, affected the morning commutes of New Yorkers that rely on the line by rerouting trains around the station, according to“C trains were forced to run expire were forced to run express from Broadway Junction to Utica Avenue with regular service resuming about 30 minutes later,” they continued. 

Pierre Gervois posted the rescue video on his Twitter, which showed a railway worker successfully pulling the cat from underneath the tracks. 

Apparently, regular service was resumed 30 minutes later, but we’re sure some commuters were not too happy about the rescue. We are uncertain of the cat’s condition, but it’s likely he recovered just fine. 

Would you be upset if your trains were delayed for this reason?

Credit: Twitter- Pierre Gervois

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[Featured Image Credit: Twitter- Pierre Gervois]

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