Cops Raise Money For Girl After Disney Trip Savings Stolen

For the past year, one Californian 10-year-old has saved every last penny so that she and her family could take a trip to Disneyland.

After a year of saving, fifth grader Andrea Ramirez managed to save up $200, and was thrilled that she finally saved up enough money to go to Disneyland. But just a week before she and her family was supposed to go, thieves broke into their home and stole all the money, which she had packed in her suitcase.

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“I was so happy to go but when they robbed me I thought I wasn’t going to go anymore,” said Andrea. But when the police heard what happened, they were determined to make things right even if they couldn’t find the thieves. “She saved her money all year, which is pretty significant for a 10-year-old,” Salinas Police Chief Adele Frese said. “Our police officers said there’s no way not on my watch it was bad enough the burglary happened but we got to make this good for this little girl.”

Photo by KSBW

“They said, ‘Let’s try to get the $200 collected from the police department,” Frese said.When word spread around the department, more and more officers donated money. They quickly surpassed their $200 goal, and called the family down to surprise them with the $1,050 that they raised.

Photo by KSBW

“Her dad was so humble and so grateful; Andrea was absolutely stunned,” Frese said. “This is the type of thing that we go to policing for. To heal harms is kind of healing for us too.”

Watch the entire video below to see what these cops did for a little girl after her Disney vacation money was stolen.

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[Featured image: KSBW]

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