Creative Judge Sentences Dog Abuser To Time In A Garbage Dump

There is a special place reserved you-know-where for the awful people out there who abuses animals, but until then, we’re happy to know that there’s at least one judge out there who’s laying down the law with punishments to make these criminals think about what they’ve really done.

We’ve seen too many stories out there about dangerous people out there who get off with just a warning or fine that doesn’t teach them much of a lesson.

However, Judge Michael Cicconetti of Painesville, Ohio wants to change the game by giving punishments that better fit the crime.

[ABC News]
[ABC News]

In the video below, we learn how Judge Cicconetti has sentenced a teenager who ran out on her cab fare to a very long walk of shame, a bike thief to ride in a local parade, and a man soliciting prostitutes to a very embarrassing to some serious time…in a chicken suit.

[ABC News]
[ABC News]

However, it’s the story of Alyssa Morrow that really hit us in a soft spot…

[ABC News]
[ABC News]

Morrow was found guilty of neglecting and abusing her dog, Moose, trapping him inside her filthy, disgusting home.

[ABC News]
[ABC News]

As a dog lover, Judge Cicconetti wasn’t going to let this slide, so he decided to give Morrow a taste of her own medicine.

[ABC News]
[ABC News]

What this horrible pet parent had to do will make you cheer out loud! Check out the entire story in the video below.

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[Featured Image: ABC News]

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