Dog Saves Owner And Siblings From Rattlesnake

When one Florida dog realized his human and his two siblings were just inches away from a deadly animal, he bravely jumped in the way even though it meant putting himself at risk.

Recently, Sandy Ruggerio was outside in her backyard with her three dogs when she suddenly heard the terrifying sound of a rattlesnake. Before she could even see where the noise was coming from, her 9-year-old American Staffordshire named Beast stepped in the way to protect his owner and smaller siblings.

Photo by WFLA

Ruggerio rushed Beast to an animal hospital and was treated with antivenom just in time. Beast wasn’t in great shape after being bitten, but responded well to treatment and is now home recovering. And while Beast is being hailed a hero for his bravery, Ruggerio isn’t surprised by his actions.

Photo by WFLA

“Everybody loves Beast. Beast is everybody’s baby. He’s a big, loving bear. He thinks he’s a little dog, a little lap dog. He wants to sit in your lap. He gives lots of kisses,” Ruggerio said about Beast, who also has a very protective side. “He loves people, but he has to protect his mommy and his daddy, anybody that he loves.”

Photo by WFLA

Watch the entire video below to see what this brave dog did to protect his loved ones.

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[Featured image: WFLA]

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