Dozens Of French And English Bulldog Puppies Rescued From 90-Degree Van

More than two dozen puppies were saved from a sweltering hot van this week behind a New Jersey Walmart. 

Deborah Yankow, Director of the Bergen County Animal Shelter said that someone shoved the dogs into the back of the van and called the Bergen County S.P.C.A. When Yankow and her team arrived at the scene, they found 26 French and English bulldogs trapped into the van in 90-degree heat. 

Credit: Pix 11 News

According to Pix 11 News, papers inside the van showed the hot pups had flown into Newark Airport from Colombia and were going to be sold in Florida. “They were extremely thirsty. The first thing they did was drink bowls and bowls of water,” Yankow said. “They were crammed into two medium sized dog crates, so they were literally on top of each other. If they were in the van any longer, they most likely would not have survived.”

“People should know when they see something like this going on that they need to call the SPCA and report it. So these animals can be rescued and be saved,” she continued.  

Credit: CBS New York

Officials believe that the three people who were caught trying to sell the puppies out of the van could be issued as many as 20 summonses per animal, reported. 

While this was a successful rescue, the puppies are not ready for adoption just yet. They will remain in health quarantine for three weeks to ensure they have no issues. “They’re in isolation because they were unvaccinated,” Yankow said. Under the care of the Bergen County Animal Shelter, the puppies will get their shots, be neutered or spayed and prepped for adoption. 

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Anyone interested in adopting a puppy can fill out an application at the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

[Featured Image Credit: Pix 11 News]

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