Family Kicked Off Delta Flight Because Son Had Lice

A Fox Sports analyst is furious after he says he was pulled from a Delta flight because his son had lice. 

According to, Lara Travis noticed her son Lincoln, 6, was itchy on their previous flight from Paris to Minneapolis, and she discovered he picked up head lice. His dad, Clay Travis says once flight attendants caught wind of the situation, they freaked out. 

“Zero indication of [lice] at all until halfway across the Atlantic Ocean and he suddenly started itching hair,” he told Inside Edition. “My wife went over to him and said, ‘Why are you so itchy?’ At that point in time, flight attendants gathered around and asked my wife, ‘Does he have lice?’”

Credit: Clay Travis/Facebook

The Travis family were supposed to have a connecting flight once they landed in Minneapolis before they could get home to Nashville, but a Delta flight attendant tracked them down when they were standing in line at customs. She told the family, “‘We’re going to conduct an exam of your kid here.’” Clay responded: “‘I don’t want my kid to have a medical exam.’” The employee then said, “’If you don’t allow us to do this you can’t fly on Delta Airlines.’”

The airline said that Lincoln would have to receive lice treatment before he could get on another Delta plane, and Clay Travis wrote about the incident on his website in a post entitled, “Delta Pulled My Family Off Its Planes.” Of course this post sparked controversy, with some people agreeing with Delta, and asking why Clay would expose the entire plane to a case of head lice. 

Credit: Clay Travis/Facebook

Dermatologist Doris Day explained to Inside Edition: “Just because you are in a plane or closed space doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get head lice from someone who is infected,” she said. “You really get exposed to it more by sharing articles of clothing or instruments like hair brushes or combs.” 

While Clay is still furious upset that Delta took his child out and conducted an exam in front of hundreds of people, Delta Airlines said in a statement that health and safety are their top priority and they’re working with the family to resolve the issue. 

Do you think Delta was wrong or was this dad wrong for allowing his son to fly with lice?

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[Featured Image Credit: Clay Travis/Facebook]

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