Firefighters Free Toddler’s Hand From Toy Vending Machine

When a little boy in China got his hand stuck in the dispenser chute of a small toy vending machine, firefighters were called to the scene to help. 

The toddler’s hand got stuck in the toy dispenser after his mother left him alone near the vending machine

Credit: YouTube- CCTV

The boy’s parents told rescuers they only left their child alone momentarily and when they returned they found he had apparently tried to reach up for his toy and his hand became stuck inside the machine. 

The parents quickly determined they couldn’t free their son’s hand on their own and that’s when they called firefighters in to help. The fire crew spent about 10 minutes taking apart the machine to free the boy’s hand. 

Credit: YouTube- CCTV

Thankfully, the child walked away from the incident without any serious injuries but he did go to the hospital in Sihong County, Jiangsu Province, as a precaution. 

It is uncertain whether the boy was able to at least get a free toy after the ordeal. 

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Unfortunately, children getting their hands stuck in toy vending machines is all too common and just last year a 4-year-old got his entire arm stuck in a toy vending machine. Seven firefighters were eventually able to free the distressed child, who was uninjured in the drama. 

Has your child ever got their hand stuck in one of these machines?

Let us know in the comments. 

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- CCTV]

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