Firefighters Save Baby Buried In Rubble After Earthquake

When a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit Ischia, an Italian island near Capri, two people were killed, about 40 people were injured, and three young boys were left buried in the rubble of a totally collapsed building.

“There was a very loud noise, a rumble. It was like a bomb. At first, we didn’t understand that it was an earthquake,” said Simona Postiglione, a local resident. First responders quickly made their way to the area and worked for hours digging through rubble when they realized three little boys were trapped under all the debris.

Photo by Italian Carabinieri

“It was Ciro who saved his little brother Mattias. After the quake hit, he shoved him under the bed, which saved the lives of both of them. Then with a broom handle, he tapped the rubble so that rescuers would hear them,” said police officer Andrea Gentile. Ten hours after the earthquake, rescuers finally managed to find and rescue seven-month-old Pasquale Marmolo at around four in the morning.

Photo by Vigili del Fuoco

The firemen then focused their efforts on saving the baby’s two older brothers, who they were able to talk to and give them bottles of water. “There was silence for a while, they were tired. Then they began speaking again and we drew comfort from that,” said Luca Cari, spokesman for the fire service.

Photo by Vigili del Fuoco

“I promised them that after this was all over we would all go and get a pizza together,” one emergency worker said. A few hours later, the crew pulled seven-year-old Mattias to safety and even though they were exhausted, they refused to stop looking for 11-year-old Ciro. After 16 hours trapped in the debris, firefighters finally managed to rescue Ciro and reunite him with his family.

Watch the entire video below to see the miraculous moment these firefighters rescue an infant from the rubble of a collapsed building.

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[Featured image: Italian Carabinieri]

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