Firemen Adopt Puppy After Saving Him From Fire

Recently, New York firefighters risked their lives to save a puppy from a burning apartment, However, when two firemen heard what the owners planned to do with the injured puppy, they decided that their lifesaving work wasn’t over.

On Aug. 3, the City of Newburgh Fire Department in New York were called to put out a fire on the second floor of a three-story apartment building. After residents of the unit evacuated their apartment, they told the firemen that their two puppies were trapped inside.

Photo by Timothy Dexter

“We kept it from spreading but two puppies were missing. I went in to search for the puppies and checked the whole front rooms,” Lt. Timothy Dexter said. Within a few minutes, another firefighter found the first puppy “He handed it to me. I ran it out and we tried giving it CPR. It did not survive,” Dexter said.

The crew decided to check for the second puppy in the room where the fire started. “We entered the room and my captain said nothing would have survived in here. I agreed,”Lt. Anthony Muhammad said. “The dog started whimpering almost like he heard of us talking.”

Photo by Timothy Dexter

“The bed … protected him somehow,” Dexter said. “He was burnt. We gave him oxygen and wet him down.” The puppy’s owners then explained they no longer wanted him since they couldn’t provide the care he would need. Dexter and fellow fireman Jimmy Moore stepped up to co-adopt him since they live minutes from each other.

The puppy, who they named Titus, was diagnosed with first- and second-degree burns on his entire body, but is doing well after two weeks and is expected to make a full recovery. “He’s doing alright. He walks a little funny because he got some burns on his paws. He’s healing up,” Dexter said. “It’s great for Titus. I don’t know what life Titus would have had but after this I know he’ll have a great life.”

Photo by Timothy Dexter

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[Featured image: Timothy Dexter]

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