Fisherman Rescue Stranded Baby Cow Trapped In Lake

A pair of Texas fisherman noticed a calf stranded in the water in Lake Conroe on Saturday morning. 

The men imagined the calf was unable to get out of the water due to a bulkhead blocking its exit, so they quickly leaped into action to help the poor cow. 

Credit: Scott Engle/YouTube

According to the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constables, the two fishermen, Ben Breckenridge and Zach Smith, jumped into the water with the calf to keep it from wandering into deeper areas while they contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Montgomery County dispatch.

When Texas Game Warden Brannon Meinkowsky and Constable Lake Unit Lt. Cade arrived at the scene, they helped the fisherman identify an area where there wasn’t a bulkhead so the calf could safely get out.

Breckenridge and Smith then tied ropes around the calf and used them to keep the animal afloat next to their boat and they transported it to the safer area. They were able to untie the rope once they reached shallow water and the calf was able to get out of the water on her own. 

The determination these two fisherman showed was incredible and their quick-thinking saved the life of this young cow. 

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Click here to watch a newborn calf rescued on the side of the road.

[Featured Image Credit: Scott Engle/YouTube]

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