Grandma Saves Neglected Girl Wandering Streets

With seven grandchildren of her own, one Ohio woman is naturally protective of young children. So when she spotted a young girl wandering the streets alone, her instincts kicked in and she did what was necessary to keep her safe.

While Linda Newkirk was outside her apartment, she saw a young girl chasing a puppy by herself on the street. “She was buck-naked. No clothes on whatsoever,” Newkirk said. “A big girl like me doesn’t run, but I ran as fast as I could to catch that little girl so nothing else bad would happen to her.”

Photo by WLWT

“She was covered in feces from the waist down, like she had had it caked on there for days, and then I wrapped her around with a blanket and then I called the police,” Newkirk said. “It’s very sad to see children neglected like that. She could’ve been hit by a car or worse, snatched up just within an instant.”

Photo by WLWT

Middletown police then arrested the girl’s mother, who was asleep in their home and claimed she had no idea her daughter wandered off, and charged her with endangering children. While Newkirk was hailed a hero, she said she just did what was right. “I feel I did what was right. I saved a little girl’s life in so many ways,” said Newkirk, who hopes to meet the little girl again one day.

Photo by WLWT

What would you do if you saw a girl wandering the streets alone with no clothes on? Let us know what you think in the comments below and please SHARE this with friends on Facebook.

[Featured image: WLWT]

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