Heroic Husky Fights Off Black Bear At Campsite

A family trip to an Alaskan campsite almost turned deadly when a mother black bear attacked their Siberian husky. 

The video of the encounter was posted to YouTube by Tom Henderson and it shows the fluffy white husky refusing to back down from the black bear, whose cub was also yards away. 

Credit: Viral Hog, Tom Henderson/YouTube

The mother black bear charges at the dog next to the owner’s camper at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Then… 

The bear and the husky got into a brief fight off-camera and Henderson’s wife is heard yelling in the background for the bear to get away. “Get out of here. Go, go, go!” she shouts. 

Credit: Viral Hog, Tom Henderson/YouTube

The bear runs off into the woods with her three cubs after just a few moments and the husky appears in the video again, showing it was unharmed by the encounter. 

Henderson says his dog was not injured and did not even require veterinary care. He said the same bear wandered into a residence a few days after the incident and was put down by authorities. 

Watch the video below: 

Can you believe this husky was able to scare off a large black bear?

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[Featured Image Credit: Viral Hog, Tom Henderson/YouTube]

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