Little Boy Rescues Pink Kitten He Found Abandoned In Cage

People are seriously cruel, but this story has a happy ending. 

Bilal Aslam, a little boy in Bahrain found a kitten that he wanted to take home with him. The twist was, the kitten had experienced extreme cruelty in its past, and a monster had dyed it bright pink. 


Whoever did this to the cat had no regard for this poor kitten and how badly it would be affected. They likely were just thinking about themselves and that this was cute or amusing. After the boy found the cat, it was taken to the BSPCA, where rescuers appropriately named her Pinky. 

Pinky received a medical examination and it was determined that in addition to having been dyed pink, she was also starved and in desperate need of food and attention. Pinky wound up suffering an allergic reaction to the wall paint and she experienced sniffles and a runny nose. The vet also spent hours trying to wash off the dye, but it was not an easy task. 


Using special medical soap and numerous baths, some of the dye was able to come off, but not all of it. While the shade may now be lighter than before, Pinky will forever be Pink!

Once she is nursed back to health, she will be placed up for adoption. Luckily such a terrible story has a happy ending. 


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