Little Dog Carries The Biggest Toy Out Of Pet Store

Vickie Sheffer Adkins Fulton took her tiny Yorkie to the pet store this month and filming the trip was the best thing she ever did. 

Fulton’s dog named Lucy got to pick out her own toy at the store, and Fulton says Lucy has been known to pick very large stuffed animals. In the hilarious video, Lucy picks up a plush Lambchop toy about twice her size and carries it out of the store with incredible determination. 

Credit: Vickie Sheffer Adkins Fulton/Facebook

She carried that toy right out of the door the pet store while her mom filmed every moment. When Fulton posted the video to her Facebook page, she wasn’t expecting to receive such an overwhelming response. 

Since posting, Lucy’s video has been viewed over 21 million times and generated more than 49,000 comments. Fulton wrote on her Facebook: “FYI ….. this is not the first shopping trip for Lucy, we don’t do this on a regular basis but occasionally! The more she has shopped the bigger the toy gets and the bigger the toy gets the higher the price! Lol  But her papa didn’t say a word about how much the one she picked out was …… YES …… she is spoiled but a good spoiled!”

She continued, “We want to thank EVERYONE that has viewed, liked, shared and/or commented about the video I posted about our little Yorkie named Lucy during her shopping trip for a new toy !! This occurred while on vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida. This has been amazing to us !! Our kids informed us that the video has gone viral ….. according to them that is a big deal.”

Fulton was truly shocked at how much attention Lucy’s video received since she is used to posting pictures and videos of Lucy to her Facebook all the time.

Credit: Vickie Sheffer Adkins Fulton/Facebook

Fulton told, “It’s overwhelming to see that a video of a precious little dog can bring so many smiles and laughter for people,” says Fulton, who is retired from the Henderson County Schools in Kentucky. I am receiving so many nice comments from people all over the world. You name a country or state, and we’ve probably heard something from them. This has been so overwhelming for us.”

Watch the adorable video below and please SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook!

[Featured Image Credit: Vickie Sheffer Adkins Fulton/Facebook]

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