Llama Reunited With Its Owners Thanks To Social Media Post

Police in Connecticut are using social media to reunite a missing llama with its owners. 

The Granby Police Department shared a photo on their Twitter of a large, brown llama with a purple leash around its neck and asked for the missing llama’s owner to come forward. “If you are missing this, please contact the Granby Police,” the department said. “No, we are not kidding.”

While most of the internet probably thought this was a joke, the Granby Police Department was very serious. Granby Animal Control first learned that a llama was wandering in the area of Notch Road at about 8:30 am on Saturday. 

According to the Hartford Courant, a local veterinarian inspected the llama and police later brought it to a resident familiar with fostering llamas. Luckily, the department’s public plea proved successful as police announced that four hours after the post was published on Twitter, the owner had claimed the llama. “The Llama Drama is over,” police said. “Animal has been reunited with owner.”

We have no information on the owners of this llama, but we do know that they are probably ecstatic to have their beloved “pet” back. 

Would you have believed this tweet if you saw it on Twitter?

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[Featured Image Credit: Twitter- Granby CT Police]

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