Mailman Caught Going Out Of His Way To Play With Family’s Dogs

Shortly after one Texas neighborhood got a new mail man, one homeowner started noticing something unusual occurring while reviewing his security cameras.

Shortly after the new mailman started delivering mail to the neighborhood, Aaron Hernandez noticed that he was going out of his way to pet and play with his five Labrador Retrievers that like to stand around the driveway gate in front of the house during the day.

Photo by Twitter/Aaron Hernandez

“He’s a new mailman around the neighborhood and I noticed it a couple of times,” said Hernandez, who recently posted footage of the sweet interaction on Twitter. “I thought it was time to share with everybody! Even when we aren’t home to show our dogs love we can always depend on the mail man to give it to them even on rainy days. Now this is love.”

Photo by Twitter/Aaron Hernandez

In the footage, the mailman is seen going out of his way to walk down the driveway to pet and play with each of the excited dogs before getting back to work. “I think it was really caring and loving that he took time out of his busy day to do that,” Hernandez said.

Photo by Twitter/Aaron Hernandez

Watch the entire video below to see the adorable thing this mailman was caught doing on camera.

How would you react if you saw this on your home’s security tapes? Let us know what you think in the comments below and please SHARE this with friends on Facebook.

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