Man Plays Violin To Calm Bears Trying To Break Into Home

When a Nevada resident spotted a family of black bears trying to break into a house, his nephew decided to do something very unusual to ward them off. 

A video posted to YouTube by ALB Tahoe shows the mother bear and her three cubs trying to find a way into a garage in Incline Village, on the shore of Lake Tahoe. 

Credit: ALB Tahoe/YouTube

The mother begins gnawing at the wood on the garage trying to eat her way in. The homeowner’s nephew, Mike Perroud, then safely inside a car, starts to play the violin for the bears. 

Initially, the bears seem to ignore the music, but eventually, it appears to have a calming influence on them. Finally, the soft music encourages the black bears to leave the area. The man filming the video believes the music convinced the bears to “chill out.”

Credit: ALB Tahoe/YouTube

“We happened upon this family of black bears in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe when our nephew, Mike Perroud begin to play his violin in an attempt to deter them from breaking into this vacant home,” ALB Tahoe wrote on YouTube. 

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Can you believe playing the violin actually calmed the bears? Would you ever try anything like this?

Let us know in the comments. 

[Featured Image Credit: ALB Tahoe/YouTube]

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