Man Saves Dog Buried In Muddy Riverbank

Fishermen never know what they’re going to catch when they’re out on the water, but one Illinois man couldn’t believe what he found while on a fishing trip at a local river.

While out fishing in Rock River, Jeremy Romero heard saw what looked like a dog on the edge of the river bank. The dog looked perfectly safe, however, when he got closer, he realized something was very wrong. “I didn’t think anything of it until I got closer and heard him whining,” Romero said.

Photo by KWQC

Romero made his way to the dog, and realized the dog was trapped in the mud as he began sinking himself. Once he finally made it to the dog, he saw that the animal was hopelessly buried in the thick mud up to his chest. Without hesitating, Romero starting digging with his bare hands and the carried the exhausted dog to solid land.

Photo by KWQC

Romero let the dog down to rest, but when he struggled to stand on his own, Romero picked him up again and carried him to his owner nearby. “I spoke to him and he said that the dog wanders around a lot because of his doggy dementia,” Romero said. “He was very appreciative that that I got him out of the mud.”

Photo by KWQC

Watch the entire video below to see what this man did when he discovered a dog buried in mud.

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[Featured image: KWQC]

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