Man Survives Being Struck By Lightning

The odds of getting struck by lightning in a person’s lifetime is pretty small, but for those who have been struck by lightning, the chance of survival is even slimmer.

So when doctors from the Tampa General Hospital Burn Unit saw 21-year-old Austin Dunn after he was struck by lightning, they were amazed that he survived. While working out on the runway at the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers last month, a bolt of lightning struck the tail of a plane that Dunn had been walking underneath.

Photo by WFLA

When the lightning struck the plane, Dunn was also hit and knocked off of his feet. “He tells us when he was laying there after being struck, that he couldn’t feel anything from the neck down and struggled to stay awake. He said he was kept awake by his ‘Poppy’ Mike Dunn until help arrived. His Poppy passed away 10 months ago from cancer,” Dunn’s father said.

Photo by WFLA

Dunn was rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns all over his body, but doctors were amazed he even survived. “Austin is suffering from skin grafting and nerve damage in his heart and brain. A hole in his foot, exit wound, and the nightmares, we need to work on now,” his father said.

Photo by WFLA

Dunn has a long recovery ahead of him, but thankfully his hand, which was injured from the exit wound, will not have to be amputated. “We want to thank the thousands of texts, emails and messages sent from friends, family and strangers, even people actually on that flight. So many prayer chains, and even the GoFundMe set up for him.  Without your prayers we are not sure he would be here. Please continue to pray for his recovery.  Doctors tell us he is nothing short of a ‘Miracle,’ we believe that ‘Miracle’ was all of your prayers!” his father said.

Watch the entire video below to see why doctors are calling this man a miracle.

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[Featured image: WFLA]

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