Our Cats Love To Dance

We have two cats, an 8-year-old grey called Melchett and a 9-month-old hyperactive tabby called Edmund, and also used to have a ginger tom called Baldrick. Our neighbour’s black cat Bob also comes to play in our garden.

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The cats are all big fans of Strictly Come Dancing, and love to practice their dance moves indoors and in the garden. I try to keep up with them with the camera, and have been photographing cats since I got my first camera 40 years ago. I love photographing all animals, but just trying to keep up with our cats takes up most of my time!

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#2 Caturday Night Fever

Caturday Night Fever


Diana P. 4 hours ago

The title is spot on.

#4 Ballet



Ananya Vinod 52 minutes ago

So graceful, how elegant, ho- wait is that a cat?

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#7 Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing


Ananya Vinod 52 minutes ago

This cat’s going places…

#13 Putting On The Ritz

Putting On The Ritz


#15 The Jive

The Jive


Diana P. 4 hours ago

That face. 😀

#24 Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing


Maggie Dougherty 5 hours ago

Oh man, busted, I told you Tulip would see me! Brothers….sigh

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#25 Shuffling



Maggie Dougherty 6 hours ago

Okay, put em up, put em up! I can fight ya wiff one paw behinds my back! 😀

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