Phone Survives 1,000-Foot Drop And Records The Whole Thing

A Samsung phone was dropped by mistake from an airplane over Kentucky and somehow survived the 1,000-foot drop. 

The entire incident was being filmed on the phone- including its dizzying fall. Robert Ryan posted the video to YouTube that was filmed by a phone which belonged to his uncle, Blake Henderson. 

Credit: YouTube- Robert Ryan

Apparently, Henderson was filming a video while flying and suddenly his phone dropped.  “My uncle Blake Henderson encountered severe turbulence while chasing a JN-4 Jenny bi-plane (seen at the beginning of the video)” Ryan wrote on YouTube. “His phone was sucked out of the craft on accident and dropped around 1000 ft into a very nice families yard!”

The video showed the phone not only survive the fall, but also continue working even after the crash. A few men next to a home found the phone, confused by the ordeal and says, “Here’s your phone.”

Credit: YouTube- Robert Ryan

Another man picks up the device and inspects it, wondering how it ended up in the yard before saying, “This ain’t my phone. Mine’s in my pocket.” The man examined the phone and wondered about its origins, unaware that the phone was still recording a video. Ryan praised the Samsung Galaxy 5S saying that it’s currently, “in great shape with nothing really broken.”

Has your phone ever survived anything like this? Let us know in the comments. 

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Click here to watch a video of a woman distracted on her phone fall 6-feet into a basement.

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Robert Ryan]

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