Puppy Rescued After Falling In Boiling Water

Note: The following article contains content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

A street puppy is lucky to be alive after it reportedly fell in boiling water. 

According to animal rescue, Animal Aid Unlimited, India, they received the call and rushed to the scene. They do not suspect that any animal cruelty was involved, but they do know this dog had been severely neglected. 

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India

When rescuers arrived to see what happened to the pup, they saw that her legs and underside was severely burned. Upon further examination back at their rescue, they determined the pup’s skin was necrotic, which means that the cells and tissue had died. The only thing left to do was removed the dead layer of skin from the pups body to stop infection. 

The process of removing the burned dead skin would take several days, but Animal Aid Unlimited was determined to help this injured pup. “She was such a brave little girl,” the rescue wrote on their YouTube

Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India

On Day 7 we sedated her and removed all the remaining dead skin,” they added. 

After the procedure, her skin was already starting to heal. “The accident could have killed her, but this brave girl put all her heart into getting better,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote. After three months of treatment, the dog now named Basanti was doing better than ever. 

Watch this incredible rescue and transformation of Basanti below. 

Warning: The following video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

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To help other dogs like Basanti, click here to learn how you can help. 

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India]

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