Rescued Chimp Who Loves Troll Dolls Gets The Best Birthday Surprise

A doll-loving chimpanzee got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when she was handed numerous colorful troll dolls. 

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in Cle Elum shared a video of Foxie the chimpanzee as she celebrated her 41st birthday with fruit and new dolls. “Mini watermelon salad bowls and tons of new dolls were the high light of her brunch party,” the sanctuary said. “Thanks to donors, volunteers, and staff for all contributing to make Foxie’s birthday a fabulous event!”

Credit: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

“I think it’s more like 41 going on 14,” the sanctuary added. Foxie received dozens of new dolls to choose from which the zoo piled up on a platform lining the ropes of her enclosure. 

According to the Dodo, Foxie was rescued from a laboratory that was developing vaccines for hepatitis and she was bred but was never able to care for her offspring. Sanctuary staff even say that Foxie carries dolls around on her back, the same way she might carry a baby chimp. 

Credit: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Besides her toys and treats, Foxie enjoyed hanging upside down from the greenhouse ceiling while kicking her feet and carrying her watermelon bowl around the grounds. 

“Foxie is such a special soul bringing joy, comfort, love, and shenanigans to the lives of us all,” the sanctuary said.

Credit: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

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[Featured Image Credit: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest]

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