Restaurant Ships Milkshake Across The U.S. To Grant Dying Woman’s Final Wish

A restaurant in Clevehand Heights, Ohio, made a dying woman’s wish come true when they delivered her a mocha milkshake.

Tommy’s Restaurant has been serving thousands of milkshakes over the last 50 years, but they served the most special one last month. Owner Tommy Fello told Fox 8, “I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to do it.” The special order came from Cleveland Heights native Emily Pomeranz who lived near Washington, D.C. and was in hospice fighting pancreatic cancer. 

“As she was doing her swan song as she liked to say, I said, ‘Hey, is there anything you’re going to miss in terms of food”?’ And she said, ‘What I would do right now for a Tommy’s mocha milkshake,’” said longtime friend and fellow Cleveland Heights native Sam Klein. Klein then reached out to Fello, who set out to make Pomeranz’s wish come true. 


After pulling together dry ice donated by Pierre’s ice cream and packaging a frozen shake and paying $123 in overnight shipping, Fello got a mocha milkshake to Pomeranz’s hospice room in Arlington, Virginia. Klein snapped a photo of Pomeranz holding the shake and Fello said, “Seeing her in that picture was just something else, I’ll tell ya. What a reward.”

“I was so happy it worked, he continued. “I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, and Sam called me and said it worked. We called it the ‘Milkshake Mission’ or something like that, ‘Mission Impossible.’”

Sadly, Pomeranz passed away on Friday but the milkshake mission lives on. Klein posted the story to his friends on Facebook and it’s being shared by hundreds of people. “She got a lot of momentum out of not only being able to enjoy something as special as a childhood nostalgic milkshake but the fact so many people were smiling about her,” Klein said. “A lot of people have said ‘this made me feel good’ and I know Emily would love the fact that she’s making people feel good even though she’s not here with us anymore.”

Klein posted on Facebook asking others to visit Tommy’s Restaurant to order a milkshake for Pomeranz and to thank Fello for his small act of kindness that made a huge difference. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Sam Klein/Facebook]

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