Soldier Came Home And Discovered Her Beloved Pup Was Given Away

For soldiers returning home around the holidays, getting to see beloved family and friends is the best gift ever. However, one soldier couldn’t help but notice a very import member of her family was missing when she arrived home.

When Army Private First Class Katelyn Gallagher returned home to Ohio last month for the holidays, she couldn’t wait to be reunited with her dog Buck, who she had left in a good friend’s care. “When I left in May for training, I left him with a family friend, Angelo Sullo, who told me he would care for Buck,” Gallagher said. “I was so excited to get home and get him.”

Photo by Fox8
Photo by Fox8

Yet when she got home, she was heartbroken to find out that Buck was gone. Apparently, while she was away, Sullo could no longer care for the dog and gave him away. “He wouldn’t give me any other information so I don’t know who has him,” Gallagher said. “I am not upset with the people who may have him because I am sure they don’t know. But I really want him back.

Photo by Fox8
Photo by Fox8

“He is very, very, sweet,” Gallagher said about her 5-year-old dog. “I got him when he was 9 months old. He is like my son, he is my best friend. I really want him back. This has been very difficult for me.”

Photo by Fox8
Photo by Fox8

Now, Gallagher is desperately looking for any clues about where Buck went and has filed a report with Cleveland police against Sullo. While Gallagher had to return back to her base, she is hoping someone who knows what happened to Buck will see one of the signs she posted around the area and reach out to police so she can get him back.

Watch the entire video below to see how this soldier reacted when she returned and found out her dog was given away.

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[Featured image: Fox8]

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