Stolen Dog Immediately Recognizes Owner In Court Room

In a life-changing episode of Judge Judy, TV Judge Judy Sheindlin lets a dog loose in the courthouse to prove who owns it. 

In a now viral clip of the episode posted to the internet on Monday, a woman claimed she bought the dog on the street, while a man claimed the pet was his. 

Credit: YouTube- Big Brother Fans

The woman argued she brought the dog to a vet who said it was a mixed breed and about 5-years-old, which Judge Judy deemed was all irrelevant information to the case. 

After some questioning, Judge Judy had enough and she ordered the dog to be brought into the courtroom and let loose. 

Credit: YouTube- Big Brother Fans

The woman walked in carrying the dog and it was apparent it wanted to go to its rightful owner- the plaintiff. 

After Judge Judy ordered the woman put the dog down, it excitedly ran over to the man and it jumped on his leg as the man started to cry

Credit: Big Brother Fans/YouTube

Judge Judy was then able to make a decisive ruling: “It’s his dog.”

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Big Brother Fans]

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