Stray Dog Walked Into A Yard And Collapsed, But Thankfully The Right People Found Him

Hope For Paws was notified of a stray dog who wandered into a yard and then collapsed. 

Along with Hope For Paws founder, Eldad Hagar, Loreta Frankonyte responded to the call and rushed to the location to look for the helpless dog. When they found him, he was laying on the ground and while he was responsive, the dog was clearly in some distress. 

Credit: YouTube- Hope For Paws- Official Rescue Channel

Hagar named the dog Milo and wrote on YouTube, “Milo showed his teeth to warn me that he was in a lot of pain.”

They then created a makeshift gurney to transport Milo to the car and luckily he was cooperative and he must have known they were there to help him. Hagar and Frankonyte scanned Milo for a microchip, and when nothing turned up, they brought him to the hospital to figure out what was wrong. 

Credit: YouTube- Hope For Paws- Official Rescue Channel

X-rays revealed Milo did not have any broken bones, but he did have a serious infection. The doctor removed a significant amount of pus from Milo’s shoulder and determined that he was suffering from a bite-wound. “After getting pain meds, antibiotics, and a bath, Milo started feeling better,” Hope For Paws wrote on their YouTube channel. 

“The recovery process was long, but Milo is a trooper and he is now happy to receive affection. Even with a bandage, Milo transformed into a happy, playful dog,” they continued. 

Credit: YouTube- Hope For Paws- Official Rescue Channel

Thanks to Hope For Paws and Cause for SB Paws, Milo was able to find a loving forever home! According to Milo’s new family, his loving nature has brought newline and happiness to their adopted older dog, Grace. 

Watch this incredible rescue and transformation video of Milo below and please SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook!

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Hope For Paws- Official Rescue Channel]

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