Student Saves Choking Man On Way To Job Interview

On his way to an internship interview, one California paramedic student put his lifesaving skills to good use and now, he’s being hailed a hero for it.

Recently, 23-year-old Will Stewart stopped at a coffee shop with a group of other paramedic students to prepare for an internship interview when he noticed a man in the shop who was starting to choke.“We were sitting there, drinking our coffee, when we heard him cough once,” Stewart said.

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“I looked over and he was just kind of leaning against his table. I thought, ‘He’s probably just coughing, breathed in some coffee or something.’” Stewart heard the man cough again, but knew something wasn’t right when the man stopped making any noise. “He was kind of just holding his chest and walking around in circles,” he said.

Photo by InsideEdition

“I got kind of worried so I went over there, tapped him on the shoulder. He stuck his arms straight up so I went and did the Heimlich maneuver,” Stewart said. “He wasn’t doing the traditional [signals], but he wasn’t moving any air so that’s what cued me to go over there and check on him.”

Photo by InsideEdition

After Stewart cleared the man’s airway, he sat down as if nothing happened and then went off to his internship interview, which he got. “I started getting the shakes just from nerves and adrenaline,” Stewart said. “I still feel pretty good about it. It gives me a tingly feeling in my chest, like ‘Hey, I helped someone.’”

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