Teens Rescue Daredevil After His Backflip Off Bridge Goes Horribly Wrong

A Washington man is lucky to be alive after he was rescued from a river by a group of teens after jumping off an abandoned bridge. 

25-year-old Tyler Wright climbed to the top of an abandoned bridge on Saturday, about 65 feet over the Spokane River. According to, when he jumped and slammed into the water below, he cracked a rib, punctured a lung and went into cardiac arrest. 

Credit: YouTube- Inside Edition

Luckily for Wright, 17-year-old Roman Sissons was at the river that day and saw Wright crash right into the water. Along with a few of his friends, they jumped into the water to rescue Wright and ultimately are responsible for saving his life. “Just from seeing that jump, I was immediately like, ok this guy is hurt,” Sissons said. 

The victim’s girlfriend, Cheyenne Rose, was watching the whole thing in horror. “Without them, my boyfriend of 3 years, the love of my life, would not be here right now,” Rose told 

Credit: YouTube- Inside Edition

Besides Wright’s jump, other death-defying leaps have been popping up all over the internet. The investigative producer from Inside Edition nearly lost his life after plunging 100 feet off a bridge near Yosemite National Park in California. He shattered a vertebra, almost severing his spinal cord and had to learn to walk again. His advice to others, “It may look cool… but don’t do it. 

Tyler Wright is currently in stable condition at a hospital in Washington and he owes his life to those quick-thinking strangers. 

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Would you ever do something like this? 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube– Inside Edition]

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