The Way This Polish Academic ‘Reacts’ When Cat Interrupts His Serious Interview Amuses The Internet

No cat owner chooses the time they spend with their pet. The cat does. So when it finally rewards them with some affection, they try to remain as calm as possible, prolonging the rare experience. Even if they’re doing a serious TV interview.

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Recently, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Polish academic was speaking on a Dutch current affairs show on NTR about Poland’s Supreme Court crisis. The country’s government is facing a backlash after reducing the age of retirement from 70 to 65, meaning about 40% of the judges face being booted out. Targalski’s ginger kitty, called Lisio, had been chilling on the table next to him.

After a while, however, Lisio decided it needed some airtime. It jumped on its human while the cameras were still rolling. Targalski’s only reaction? Swiping his cat’s tail from in front of his eyes as he spoke. The moment didn’t make the final cut, but Rudy Bouma, the journalist who was speaking with the academic, uploaded it to Twitter. Scroll down to watch the pawsome video!

More info: Twitter

Recently, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, a Polish academic was speaking on a Dutch current affairs show about Poland’s Supreme Court crisis

But then his cat tried to ‘ruin’ the interview by jumping on his head

Watch the interview below

People thought it was the purrfect interview

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