This Puppy With Fluffy Eyebrows Destroyed A Couch Of £ 2,500, But It Is Impossible To Get Angry

Certainly appearances are deceptive and Kelly Davidson, 38, of the UK has had a terrible (and funny) experience where her € 2500 sofa was found destroyed. And the culprit is an adorable American bulldog with lovely eyebrows who waited for his owner to go to the hairdresser to give him that loss in an hour and a half.

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Blaze is 8 months old and manages to destroy everything she sees in the face. Even giving so many damages, her mistress can not get angry and when talking about him, the emotion takes over.

“He’s such a good dog, so loving and loyal. He’s just a gentle giant who likes to be hugged.” According to Kelly, the destruction of everything around is a feature of the dog’s character, not the consequence of an overabundance of energy. “We went out with him twice a day, and before I went to the hairdresser, I also took him out,” says Kelly. Despite the explosive disposition of the dog, the owners love their pet immensely: “We do not exchange it for anything, the sofa costs two thousand and five hundred, but we can buy a new one, and Blaze is invaluable.”

Blaze is not the first dog in the Davidson family, before they had a Labrador named Chico

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After Chico’s death, Kelly’s son asked her to have an American bulldog, and then Bella

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Last year, Bella had 9 puppies born, one of which was very charming with her eyebrows … Blaze

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Kelly and her son Cameron decided to stay with Blaze, but they still imagined the puppy’s destructive nature

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However, it was later discovered that unlike his mother, Blaze likes to chew everything he sees ahead

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All he can achieve is destroyed by the adorable dog

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And the worst destruction was a very expensive couch

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That day Kelly went to the hairdresser at 11 am and her son Cameron woke up around 12:30 p.m.

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During this time, Blaze was able to enter the room that was closed and spread its destruction

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When they realized what happened they were in a state of shock, but not for long because it is impossible to get annoyed with Blaze

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