Thoughtful Dog Owner Builds Pup Tiny Room Of His Own

Hennessy is a sweet dog who was lucky enough to have a private room built just for him by his owner. 

Hennessy’s owners, David Maceo and his wife bought their first home last month, but before moving in, the family lived for a short time at David’s mother’s house where David, his wife and Hennessy shared one room. Due to how confined Hennessy was in his former home, David wanted to make it up to him in their new house. 

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

“I felt kind of bad that we didn’t have a lot of space,” David told The Dodo. “So when we moved I decided to give Hennessy his own room.” David decided that under the staircase would be the perfect place for his dog and he hoped there was a cavity beneath it that was large enough for a pup-sized room. 

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

“I had a little camera, and I stuck it in there to see if there was enough space for him. I ended up breaking a little hole in the wall, and it went on from there,” David said. Over the next month, David worked on Hennessy’s room every Sunday, since that’s his only day off. 

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

Once most of the work was done, David made Hennessy’s room feel homey by hanging up a few family photos that he thought Hennessy would enjoy looking at. 

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

“There are pictures of him and his brother; he passed a year ago,” David said. “On the other side, there’s a picture of him and a picture of me and my wife. There’s another picture of my father and mother.”

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

After Hennessy’s room was done, David was worried he might not even like it, but after they put his bed inside, Hennessy approved. “I grabbed a little snack and threw it in there for him. He walked in, ate it, and then laid down,” David said. “He didn’t move from there for about 25 minutes.”

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

Since the unveiling of his new room, Hennessy has spent most of his time in there resting. “He loves it,” David said. “He feels protected under the stairs. He finds it very comforting. It’s the perfect place for him.”

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

All of the hard work that David put into Hennessy’s home was worth it, and David says “he’s the best dog…he’s like a son to me.”

Credit: Twitter- Al_Chris16

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