Tourist Rescues Massive Sea Turtle Stuck On Its Back In Mexico

A tourist in Mexico recently filmed the moment he rescued a massive sea turtle after it was flipped over on its back and got stuck.

According to the video posted on YouTube, Steve Booker thought the sea turtle was dead until she started blinking her eyes. “I had to help!” Booker wrote. He believes he must have crossed the road and fell off from above. “She was bleeding from her nose a little and her shell was cracked. I’m sure she will heal up just fine. I hope so,” Booker recalled.  

Credit: YouTube- Steve Booker

In the rescue video, Booker flipped the turtle over on its back and made sure to follow her all the way back to the ocean. You also hear him say in the video that the turtle may have climbed up to the top of the road to lay her eggs. 

As the video rolled, the sea turtle struggled to make it to the ocean and Booker noticed her shell was cracked on top. The turtle picked up some speed and Booker cheered her on the whole time saying, “Get back to the water, you can do it!” 

Credit: YouTube- Steve Booker

After seven minutes, the turtle finally made it into the ocean just in time for a perfect sunrise!

Thanks to Booker for his efforts and the care he showed for this sea turtle.

Watch the rescue video below and please SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook!

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube– Steve Booker]

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